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Opinion: Buhari take a bow, go home to meet your grand children

Editor’s note: responds to his critics over his previous article “Who killed President Buhari?” The author continues criticizing the policies of Muhammadu Buhari, comparing his decisions to those he made during his term as military ruler in 1984.

Take a bow and go home to your grandkids. My last article titled “Who killed President Buhari?” earned me such a large number of assaults from the All Progressives Congress (APC) individuals and consistent theological rationalists of the President Muhammadu Buhari. In spite of, as a Nigerian who had imagined on a few occasions, a serene, adoring, and developed Nigeria, stopping my supposition would be the exact opposite i would do. As of late, i chose to glorify Buhari as president as opposed to mourning why he was ever given a possibility. I needed to concur that he merited the chance he got otherwise I could never possess the capacity to say to my grandkids how we had a president who managed the nation twice and drove it into recession twice. More on

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