Nigerian man Attack Fani Kayode In An Open Letter

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Dear Mr Femi Fani Kayode, why are you playing hatred politics? Nigeria was created neither by you, your political elites, PDP, nor APC. Why are you sitting in your village and making rubbish comments on every unnecessary point? What were your contributions when you were a minister and also fully involved in former administration, you make insult on every respected Nigerian, though history have not forgotten when you insulted GEJ, just because you were not given any political appointment.

But the reverse was when GEJ appoint you into his government. My advice for you, Mr. Kayode, to contact a psychiatric doctor for advice. You don’t look like a real Christian because no faithful Christian will insult someone, just because you want the attention. Whenever I read your devilish write up I felt why a person like you will be given opportunity of being a minister of the federal republic of Nigeria. Fani-Kayode you are an insult to Yoruba kingdom, you are an insult to Nigeria, you are an insult to PDP. Please, have a rethink of your attitude

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