Nigeria News: Politicans are behind Fulani Herdsmen’s Attack


Nigeria News: Politicans are behind Herdsmen Attack

Oni who made the assertion on Tuesday, August 30, ac­cused politicians of complic­ity in the constant attacks on communities across the country by suspected herds­men. Breaking Times reports that the APC chieftain made the allega­tion while speaking to jour­nalists at the party’s Nation­al Secretariat in Abuja, he said that the intent of the politi­cians was to destabilise the Federal Government.

It would be recalled that recently, communities in some states, including Benue, Plateau, Enugu, Na­sarawa, Kaduna and Tara­ba had been attacked by the suspected herdsmen, who carried arms. Chief Oni said: 

“This, personally wor­ries me because these gun­men who have suddenly be­come so notorious, invading villages and so on, are peo­ple that have always been around. “My guess is that many of these are sponsored by peo­ple who have so much mon­ey and want to create insta­bility. 
“I believe that many of these have political motives and people who just want to trouble the government of the day. “People who don’t want peace because they believe peace will also not be what they will want to see. It is very, very difficult. 
“You will just hear one version here today, another striking us there tomorrow and so on. “It is also a way of saying that what we are battling with is not ordinary,” he said.
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