Mom recalls embarrassing incident after giving birth “My first child broke my vagina”


Zoe-George expresses feeling concerning the embarrassing incident after childbirth
We all hear horror stories about childbirth, but most people simply mention the excruciating pain and gloss over the finer details.

Not The Subtle Mummy .

Blogger Zoe – who describes herself as ‘telling it like it is with #nofilter’ and ‘as subtle as a brick in the face’ – provides a totally honest account of how childbirth affected her body.

…and how it led to a pretty embarrassing incident.

She begins: “Have a baby naturally they said… it’s life changing they said… Let me tell you something, my first child broke my vagina and you don’t want to know what else, but I’m going to tell you anyway.

“Yup, it’s broken and I need a mechanic trained as a gynaecologist to fix it.

“Heads up to anyone reading this who is male or hasn’t had children yet, you may want to continue living in blissful ignorance and stop reading now.”

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