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LOVE GUIDE: What a woman want in a man (part 2)

What woman want in a man continues. In my last note I stated most of what she really needs from a man which cuts across;
Care and Affection

And today I will state few other requirement she needs from a man.
Before I dive into sex, I have to state important one amongst them which is,
SECURITY; Women pleasure security most times, they don’t hate insecurity. Any man who can not protect a woman shouldn’t be called MAN.

If you can not protect your spouse or partner when needed then be prepare to lose her to another man. He wants who will stand by her should any harassment, abusive or molestation comes. When you stand out to protect her then you become her hero. Try it an see how it works.

SEX: Yes, sex! It is a three letter word small but powerful. This three letter word has built a home, relationship, community and at the same time destroyed them. If sex is performed in an appropriate way, pursue with good intention then it becomes pleasurable and built unending intimacy.

You may argue it that every man born by a woman needs sex, want sex in every 24 hours. Yes, it is the truth. The hormones, though it differ but always react when a woman, especially a good and attractive woman is around. Have you been around or with a woman that is not your wife or partner yet your chemistry reacts? Don’t be shy to say YES, because it does happen. But been a man is for you to control and switch off the hormone.

Men like sex likewise women. So, how do you know when woman want sex? How do you know how long she wants it and how she wants it.

Women need sex but men woman it. Let’s talk another “What type of sex a woman needs”
Read the Part 1 here

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