Lai Mohammed Again! ”All Nigerians do is blame, nobody is praising us for all we’ve done”


NIGERIA – Lai Mohammed Again!
The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed during an interview with punch says the Federal Government will tell Nigerians the truth and not how they take it..

when asked! that Nigerians are saying the government has not fulfilled its part of the change that was promised them, yet, it is asking them to do their own part. he said;

Even if we did not launch this campaign, is it not right for people to be honest? Is it not right for people to be upright? Okay, because the government has not been able to deliver on its campaign promises, is it right for people to be selling substandard drugs and be killing citizens? Is it right to be breaking pipelines and putting everybody in darkness? I don’t see the logic in it. And why is it that the government has been unable to deliver on its promises? It begs repetition. It is simply because of these same ills we are trying to correct. We inherited an economy that was defective, that was 60 per cent dependent on oil and oil related products. We inherited an economy that was driven by consumption. Even when they kept saying that there was growth, what kind of growth was it? Yes, there would be growth as long as petrol dollars come in and people buy things. But did that translate into employment? Did it translate into more factories?

Is it not embarrassing how this government keeps blaming the Peoples Democratic Party for the country’s woes when it was voted in to fix the problems?
Blame game! Listen, is it blame game to say that we are losing one million barrels of crude a day, is that blame game? Is it blame game to say that we over relied on oil and failed to diversify the economy? I am not even talking about stealing. We are talking about the facts on ground, that our economy had been defective for a long time, not during (former President Goodluck) Jonathan’s time alone. We have always made that very clear, that this problem was waiting to happen because past administrations refused to invest in infrastructure. They did not leave cushion for us.

That is not blame game. And what have we done since we came in? We stopped the bleeding by introducing the Treasury Single Account; that is one. Two, we have ensured that money is spent on essential things alone. In the whole of 2015, only N18bn was spent on roads, but N65bn on estacode and travels. We have reversed that. This year alone, we have spent N70bn on roads but unfortunately, we met over N400bn debt. That is not blame game. Look, why are the Jews reminding you of the holocaust after 70 years? It is not blame game and we should understand this. You can’t tell us to wish away the past. Do you have a magic wand to say that the economy should be running smoothly? We are not even blaming Jonathan or whoever; we are saying this is what we met and this is what we are doing. And now, you are saying why have you not delivered on your promises? Is it our fault that the price of crude oil crashed from $100 to $28? Did we blame Jonathan for that? Read in full: Punch

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