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* September 13th marked the beginning of a new year for Israel, being introduced by  the feast of trumpets, ingathering & tabernacles. Beloved, this September will not leave the earth normal.
Scripture has made us understand that the coming of Jesus will be within the celebration of these feasts.
THE QUESTION; Is He coming this September? we may not know, but one thing is certain, this September isn’t like any other.


1).  Sept . 23rd- Pope Francis visits USA
sept. 23rd is the 266th day of the year. Pope Francis is the 266th Pope. Gestation period of a baby is 266 days.
Obviously, something strange is about to be introduced on the earth that day.

2).    Sept. 24th Pope Francis will address a joint session of the US congress.

3).     Sept. 24, Obama is meeting with world leaders and Pope to discuss the one world government of peace, an agenda of the Anti-Christ and his beasts.

 4).    Israel is celebrating the ten days of Hur preceding atonement in the feast of trumpet between  14th to 24th Sept 2016.

5).   Sept . 28th there’ll be eclipse of the moon(blood moon) the last in the series of four blood moon that has appeared since last year. This is as prophesied in Joel 2:31. In between the blood moons the Sun has already turned black. Check Google.

6).    The earth has enjoyed 6000 years of man according to Bible/Jewish calendar of human. The 7000th year like the 7th day of Sabbath is a year of rest. For a day with God is liken to a thousand year. 2Pet 3:7-9.
 This 7th is the millennium reign of Christ and His saint after Rapture.

7).    CERN; an European Physics Research lab in Switzerland is performing a scientific ritual to open Abyss, reconnect with aliens and bring on earth fallen demons.

* The founder of Dominion City David Ogbueli is travelling round the world to warn the people concerning a vision he saw on rapture and the blood moon.

This is an injury time.

Let’s all go back to the place of consecration unto God.
Repent of every known sin.
Live your life with eternity in perspective. Live ready for Rapture.
And Kindly Spread the gospel to all others to rescue them from the perdition which may happen soon.

Jesus is Lord.
& The Only Way to Salvation. Act 4:12

Pls check google and youtube to confirm details of Sept. 2016 End Time signs. And CERN Opening of Abbyss.

 Study- Matthew 24 & 25. Rev chpt 13-19, and Daniel chpt 7-12 for more info.

Pls pass the message on. God Bless You.
Pls let it spread more than virus or Ebola , so that when it really happen you can receive its reward and be written in your account.

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