Hillary Clinton’s Health Condition conspiracy theory sends the internet into crisis

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US Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton’s health has been the subject of fevered speculation for months.

But following her collapse during a 9/11 memorial, one conspiracy theory is sending the internet into meltdown.

Social media is rife with rumours that the Democratic presidential nominee has a BODY DOUBLE.

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Users have pointed to ‘evidence’ seen in photographs taken on September 11 both before she was taken ill at the 9/11 memorial in New York and after.

Some claim closer inspection of the images show differences in a number of details, including Clinton’s cheekbones, smooth versus wrinkled skin and body composition.

The presidential frontrunner was revealed to be suffering from pneumonia after after footage emerged of her being taken ill .

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The 68-year-old appeared much healthier later in the day

She was rushed to daughter Chelsea’s apartment to recover after ‘overheating’ at the commemoration.

A video appeared on social media showing members of staff helping her as she stumbled into her car.

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