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Daily Manna Devotional: His Looming Judgement by Pastor Kumuyi

Daily Manna Devotional written by Pastor W.F Kumuyi

Monday September 5, 2016
His Looming Judgment
Text: REVELATION 15:1-8

Key Verse:

“Who shall not fear thee, O Lord, and glorify thy name? for thou only art holy: for all nations shall come and worship before thee; for thy judgments are made manifest” (Revelation 15:4).

Among the most delusional aspects of life is the assumption that things will continue as they are, and no one would be held accountable for their conducts here on earth. Some even assume that life begins and ends in the world. But these are tricks of the devil to lure people into carelessness and eventual retribution. Judgment day is nearer than many people realise. 

In the considered text, Jesus gave a preview of what will happen in the future. God is prepared to pour His plagues on those whose lifestyles and actions are offensive to Him and refuse to change their evil ways. The plagues would be universal and no sinner can escape from them. God’s purpose then will be to abolish evil once and for all when He decides to bring the world to an end. The time is imminent; the angels are ready, only waiting for command from the almighty God to unleash divine terror. But not all humanity will suffer from the plagues. 
Those who lived to please God stand above the evil that would befall the rest of sinful humanity. While they would be singing songs to God’s glory and rejoicing in heaven for their deliverance from the power of Satan, the inhabitants of the earth would be facing an indescribable horrific judgment. The angels who would bring these punishments are free from all forms of human frailty, corruption and injustice, as symbolized by their white attire. They would do exactly as God tells them and no sinner would escape from that judgment. 
The time to seek escape from the wrath to come is now! There is no other way to escape the punishment that would be unleashed on all evil doers, except to quickly retrace one’s steps from all evil activities, plead with the Lord to have mercy and forgive, obtain grace from Him to shun all forms of evil and make up one’s mind to live henceforth, only as God prescribes.

Thought for the day: Judgment day will still catch up with many people unawares.

Bible Reading in one Year: PSALM 89 – 91

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