Zlatan Ibrahimovic proved his worth as he netted the winner goalgoal for the Red Devils


ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC has proven he was signing to Manchester United as he netted the late winner goal.

JOSE MOURINHO’S promise to play Wayne Rooney as a striker is in transition. The Manchester United ace played further up the pitch than last season – but naturally still found himself trying to dictate play from the halfway line.

ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC proved he can have a stinker of a game, but with such quality, can find goals in an instant. He was well off the mark but popped up with an 83rd-minute header to win the match.

THE Commurnity Shield may not mean much, but what it represents is massive. Roaring supporters were buzzing at the the beginning of the game.
Well congrat to the Red Devils for a good start.
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