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Women’s Power Breaks The Man In Pieces

I have taken my time observed and studied why  man can not avoid a woman. And I have come to this conclusion to say that women are the power that drives a man.
A man can’t work/walk throughout the day without pictuting a woman at his sight or mind. Sometimes, thinks romantic moment (which is natural) or erotic time but I must say it is mental.

A man who thinks he’s got it without falling for her is considered a luck man. When a woman wants to pull you down or get your attention she uses what thrills you most either her breast or her bottom to get you. She either flaunts or samples it, and  mystically magnet you.

Have you ever imagine why men can’t let go when the see a woman unless they sleep with her? What she got is what you are hungry for. But when you put off your mind and lock it then woman’s power influence melt like the wax. Don’t be carried away with the physique and attributes, it is natural
To be continue….

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