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The stupid thing MEN do with a WOMAN

By Chidi Obasi
Woman has and still hold a strong part in s man’s life, in fact woman has a centre stage and plays the lead role in his life. After her is money and nothing disputes that.
But this two factors make of mare any man. How? You may ask, but this I will tell you.
Every man needs a woman and also needs money. True or false!

You may not argue this, that from creation man was complete when he saw a woman, therefore making relevant in his life and other of his activities. But you know why man got it wrong and fell to realease he must take important decision disregarding a woman? He need no woman at the wrong time which is why man failed. Only the time man needs woman he dares her.

Today man swaps love for sex and wife for woman. These two only complement not taken a place of one. When a man gets carried away by a woman’s beautiful and pointed breasts, nice curve and shaped buttock he ends up in them after realizing it is nothing but empty pleasure. Instead of looking for fancy attributes why not look for character which brings the woman to the picture.
Woman is beautiful and sex is sweet but dont misplace them.

…to be continued

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