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So Sad! Man Send 5 Hoodlums to Gang-rape His Wife, Read What Happened!

Indeed it is saddened and inhuman for any man to do rape!
On Sunday, July 31st a 45-year-old woman has narrated how she was gang-rap*d and tortured by gunmen in Abakaliki. she said that 5 armed men, forcefully pulled her from the commercial tricycle (Keke) which she boarded. According to her, the gunmen subsequently forced her into the Keke they boarded and drove-off alongside two motorcycles they hired.Read This! A Teen Girl has been r*ped to death by the same man twice

“They took me to a swampy bush behind the San Diego Hotel, Kpirikpiri, Abakaliki, where they gang-rap*d, tortured and abandoned me, thinking I was dead. A good Samaritan came to my rescue and informed the police who took me to a hospital where I was placed on intensive medication,” she said.

She said the attack was premeditated, alleging that her estranged husband might have hired them.
“I reported him at the Family Law Centre,Abakaliki, over his incessant assault and inhuman treatment which causes me deep physical and emotional trauma. During the last sitting of the Centre’s court, he boasted that my case with him will end when I am ‘eliminated’,” she said.

The Public Relations Officer of the Ebonyi Police Command, DSP George Okafor, who confirmed the story, assured that the command would get to the root of the matter.

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