PelE Will Not Be Attending Rio Olympic Opening Ceremony (Read Why)


According to theguardian that published the recent update on Pele and the Rio Olympic which revealed that he will not be attending the opening ceremony.

Pelé says his poor health will keep him from lighting the Olympic cauldron at the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympics.

In a statement on Friday, the Brazilian football legend said: “I’m not physically able to attend the opening of the Olympics.”

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Friday’s opening ceremony will need to fill a void without Brazil’s most famous sportsperson. He had hip surgery several years ago and often walks with the help of a cane.

In his statement, Pelé wrote: “Only God is more important than my health. In my life, I’ve had fractures, surgeries, pain, hospital stays, victories and defeats. And I’ve always respected those who admire me.”

Saying that it was “my own decision”, Pelé apologised for disappointing Brazilians and added: “As a Brazilian, I ask God to bless all who participate in this event.”
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Source: Theguardian

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