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OAP Freeze asks as he discusses Transgender issues -Has Bruce Jenner defiled the temple of God?

From the desk of OAP Freeze. Please read below:
Transgerder is a fallacy from the pit of hell. By Bianca Johnson
When did humans start
playing God? Until proven beyond reasonable doubt that the creator of
the universe occassionally inserts female chromosomes and genes into
some twisted minded male body to create sensation, until biblically or
Quranically proven: don’t sell your soul to the media and their half
baked story. It took #Brucejenner 65 freaking long years to finally
evolve into a cosmetic enhanced science project? Damn! damn! damn!.

And this bull butter broke the internet? Parents please hide your kids
from Bruce Jenner, he is not a hero nor brave as aggressively
portrayed by the secular media. What makes one a hero? Military men
and women who sacrifice their lives everyday are true heroes. Doctors
and nurses save lives everyday and put their lives on the line, they
are true definition of heroes. Teachers who are less paid in the
society impact knowledge to students; they are the unsung heroes.

A 65 year old father of ten wakes up one morning and decided to pull
his penis behind his crotch, slaps two perky silicone on his chest
wall, stretched his face with tons of botox and cheek implants is not
a true definition of heroism. I strongly believe Bruce Jenner needs a
pyschiatric evalution and deliverance from his demons. In his quest to
be relevant, he defiles God and recreated a rebel. He claimed he has
discovered his authentic self, has he? 1 corinthians 3:17 If any man
defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for our body is the
temple of the holy spirit. Has Bruce Jenner defile the temple of God?
absolutely without a doubt.
Source: lindaikejisblog

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