Model Rachel Hunter finally has shock revelation about her Rod Stewart relationship


Decisions you take may make or marr your future which may feature you in destruction, so be careful when you fall in love.
Rachel Hunter says she had to leave singer Rod Stewart because she finally realised she was too young for him.

The model met the Forever Young singer, now 70, when he was 45 and she was 21. They split in 1999 after nine years of marriage.

Asked if she was too young, the 45-year-old said: “Yeah” before adding: “It was just one of those things that I just wanted to find out ‘Who was I?’.

“I was 21, I had two children by the time I was 23, it was that decision that I made, I don’t know why I made it, that’s where I am today.

“It was just the way it went and do I hate hurting somebody like that? Absolutely. It was hard and he’s said it many times he understands.” More Here

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