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Katie Price teases mysteriously About Relationship She Never Spoke About

Yummy Mummy Teaser. Well if you ask me life is sometimes good when jokes are poured out.
Shockingly Katie Price still has a few secrets she has never told anyone about.

Mirror revealed the mum-of-five she has kept tight-lipped about a few high-profile relationships, proving to her critics she doesn’t always air her dirty laundry.

During a discussion on Loose Women about going public with a relationship and sharing intimate details, Katie chipped in after getting interrupted by her fellow panelists.

Joking that she was being ignored, the business mogul said: “As I was saying… Oh hello everyone… I have had a few high profile relationships that nobody knows about, that are not even in my books. So I can be private.”

The revelation appeared to fall flat so she added: “Just thought I would share that with everybody. I’d like to put out there that I can be private.”

The 38-year-old is often on the receiving end of much teasing about her multiple marriages, but is unashamedly honest about why they failed and why she still goes on the hunt for love.
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