It Will Shock You Why Christopher Biggins were removed from Celebrity Big Brother House


The reports from mirror suggested the reason why the TV star Christopher Biggins were removed.
His removal from the Celebrity Big Brother house has shocked lifelong fans of the much-loved TV star.

After being given three warnings, Biggins was finally booted from the famous abode for using “offensive language” which could cause “widespread offence” – but it wasn’t just one comment that got under the skin of his fellow housemates and viewers.

Biggins told Renee bisexual people are the “worst type”

He first angered fans of the Channel 5 show early last week when he appeared to criticise bisexual people, claiming they just didn’t want to “admit they are gay”.

He joined in a discussion with Renee Graziano and Frankie Grande on sexuality and when asked if she had a problem with gay people, the Mobs Wives star said: “When you’re gay you’re gay. And I think it’s beautiful because I think it’s who you are and it’s natural.

“But I think today in society they kind of force things on people and they confuse you.”
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