Going Braless In More Modernized Ways Make More Sense

Braless society

It’s a personal choice: Wear a bra or not, but you must be decent. as Miley Cyrus would encourage, #FreetheNipple.

Since the ‘60s, restrictive undergarments have sometimes been interpreted as a sign of female oppression, constraining women to conform to societal expectations.  Nowadays, although gender equality has a ways to go, going braless has become more of a response to comfort rather than a political statement. It’s practically the norm in Hollywood. We see models and celebs—from Rihanna and Heidi Klum to Chrissy Teigen and Kendall Jenner—do it all the time.

Kendal braless

So, why is there still adverse reaction when a star bares a little nip—and in Kendall’s case, nipple rings? Do you pay any attention to a non-famous woman sans bra? Conversely, do you feel like you get attention—or feel any insecurity—when you flaunt what your mama gave you?

Rihanna Braless

– Eonline

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