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Beautiful Place You Can’t Imagine To be (Photos)

Destination to be!
Our first destination for the summer holidays what Split, Croatia. We spent there one lovely week: Enchanted by its beautiful nature, the sand bricks with its colorful flowers, overall lavender scent and the overall flair of Lisboa, Barcelona and Rome combined. We rent an apartmnet via airbnb right within the Diocletianpalace (better to say: the leftovers of it).

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The weather was beautiful (33 degrees), blue sky and we enjoyed everyday the fresh breeze from the adriatic sea. This time we weren’t just stuck to one place, but were very adventurous: Via catamaran, we went to the Iceland Hvar and From Their we rented a motor boat to further explore the Pekleni islands. We went to Trogir by bus to see its old Town (UNESCO World Cultural Heritage). Usually Croatia is a cheap country, but during high season (June-August) you pay double the usual price. I guess that`s the only minus from our trip. I loved Croatia, and will Concome back for sure!
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