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ARISE AND TAKE YOUR POSSESSION – Seeds of Destiny written by Dr Paul Eneche

, ARISE AND TAKE YOUR POSSESSION – Seeds of Destiny written by Dr Paul Eneche, Latest Nigeria News, Daily Devotionals & Celebrity Gossips - Chidispalace

You are welcome to the Seeds of Destiny written by Dr Paul Eneche
Today Wednesday, 03 August 2016

Rise ye up, take your journey, and pass over the river Arnon: behold, I have given into thine hand Sihon the Amorite, king of Heshbon, and his land: begin to possess it, and contend with him in battle. – Deuteronomy 2:24

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Those who cannot dare it cannot take it.

Life is a battle field and not a playground. So, in order to possess your possession, you must deliberately, decisively and aggressively rise up and TAKE IT.

To move, you must rise. There can be no advancement in life without a rising up. One of the major strategies of the enemy is to confine the people of God to inaction. The devil desires that the children of God exist in the realm of timidity and cowardice. But you must refuse to be resisted and confronted into inaction and stagnation.

Never let any confrontation of the enemy stop your acceleration in life. Never let the enemy determine how you live your life. Despite the challenges and the battles of life, arise and take your possession in God.

I prophesy to you: in case the devil has confined you to a sitting position or turned you into a timid person; TODAY, the ‘lion’ inside of you shall roar out. The person in you shall come out. The real ‘you’ shall emerge and you shall fulfil your destiny in Jesus’ Name.

Remember this: Those who cannot dare it cannot take it.

1. Study the account of the Israelite’s journey to the Promised Land in Deuteronomy Chapter 2.
2. Determine never to be confined to a sitting position. Make up your mind to rise and go forward despite the challenges of life.


LORD, I declare that no devil shall turn me into a coward. I shall rise and keep on moving into the plan of God for my life. I refuse to be resisted into stagnation. I refuse to be confronted into inaction. I am rising up to take my possession in Jesus’ Name.

2 Chronicles 33:14 to 34:33, Romans 16:10 to 27, Psalms 26:1 to 12, Proverbs 20:19

Every time a person meets God, something in him comes out. The Presence of God is the birth place of potentials. Culled from GO IN THIS THY MIGHT by Dr. Paul Enenche.

TODAY IN HISTORY: 3/8/1960 – Niger gained independence from France.

Honey bees have 6 legs, 2 compound eyes made up of thousands of tiny lenses (one on each side of the head), 3 simple eyes on the top of the head, 2 pairs of wings, a nectar pouch, and a stomach.

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