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Amazing Article After Fayose Signed The Grazing Bill

Read What This Facebook User wrote on her page after Governor Ayo Fayose signed the grazing bill.
I never believed the day would come where I would congratulate Gov. Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State on any achievement, so I did a little research before coming to this conclusion. Among the top 50 consumers of beef, Nigeria is not on the list. Among the top 50 producers of beef, Nigeria is still not on the list. Among the top 50 exporters of beef, Nigeria again is not in that list. Even among the top 50 importers of beef, Nigeria is not on that list. Now why do we continue to lose precious souls at the hands of this Fulani herdsmen who rear cattle for beef??? The US, Brazil and the EU produce 50 percent of the worlds beef, and I have never seen a cow run astray in the US or the few countries in the EU that I have been opportuned to visit. Neither have I heard of any farmland or life lost because of cattle/beef.

Cattle rearers should have a ranch that is fenced at all corners where all their cattle can be taken care of like in every civilized nation. For how long will they continue to go on high ways and motorways and destroy the crops of farmers. The funny thing is that the owners of these cattle are very rich Fulani/ Northern men who can afford a ranch, but they allow illiterate Fulani boys to constitute a nuisance in every village along their path, leaving a trail of blood, death and terror. That Fulani belief that cattle must feed on farmlands with cultivated crops is false. They should do their research and ask America and Brazil how they feed their cattle and produce beef, before u slaughter poor farmers over their crops and land disputes. Gov Fayose and the people of Ekiti congrats on this new law.

I endorse it 100% with no objections except the sentence of 6 months, I think it’s too lenient, 1 year In jail will be a good deterrent and MOST IMPORTANTLY, THE VILLAGE WHERE THE COWS WERE FOUND WANDERING IN, SHOULD BE SLAUGHTERED AS FESTIVITIES FOR THE PEOPLE OF THAT VILLAGE, Finders of wandering cows are keepers of wandering cows. Beef is too insignificant a commodity in Nigeria to the world to be causing such a national nuisance. If we are fighting Niger delta militants over oil then yes, we can’t stoop low and be fighting insignificant people in the form of Fulani herdsmen over beef.

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