Adama Diomande scores the first goal of 2016/2017 season as Hull City defeats the Champion Leicester

Hull opened the scoring against Leicester but there was confusion over who actually netted the first goal of the new season

As the new season kicks off today, my fans of the english Premier league clubs are on high expectations. There will be impressive start up while others will start off in a poor way.
The Premier League was back with a bang – and an upset – as champions Leicester were downed by two goals scored by three players from Hull, a club supposedly in crisis but not showing it during these 90 minutes.

Epl 2016/17

Hull City’s Adama Diomande scored first goal of the 2016/2017 season as the Tigers defeated champions Leicester City in the first game of the season.

From a corner kick, Adama and Abel Hernandez both tried bicycle kicks but Adama was awarded the goal following replays. Just after the restart Demerai Gray was felled in the box by former Tottenham boy Tom Huddlestone and Riyad Mahrez duly converted for the Champion’s first goal of the campaign.

EPL 2016/17

There have been acrobatic moves into the synchronised diving in Rio in the last week that have been less spectacular and it was a fine way for a largely dull first half to be brought to life.

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