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4 basic steps to get rid of diabetes in six-weeks: Victoria Adebanjo shares how she was able to kill the killer

Getting rid of diabetes is not a Science, it is an Art.

When Victoria Adebanjo was first diagnosed with type 2 diabetes seven years ago,Soon after the diagnosis. She cried for days. “I was so depressed. I love baking; I’m addicted to chocolate; and I knew that all this would have to change. It felt like my life was coming to an end,”

“Even though we have diabetes in our family, my diagnosis came as a surprise. I felt very tired, thirsty and had to go to the bathroom often; but I did not make the connection.”

She did, however, had a serious health scare two years ago, when her body stopped producing insulin altogether, sudden complication like high blood pressure started to develop. Victoria was at the verge of developing a more dangerous health complication, but she was very lucky to have taken advice from her sister to start the Ultra Diabetes Care Program which she recommend to her diabetes patients over years.

Insulin is needed to move blood sugar (glucose) into cells, where it is stored and later used for energy. Without insulin, the body has no energy to perform its important functions; and the glucose levels keep rising in the blood, causing damage to organs such as your heart.

The first two years of living with diabetes were very hard. “I felt down in the dumps and really sorry for myself, until I realized one day that I needed to walk away from it all and take charge of my life. The moment I took that decision, I started to feel much happier and healthier.”
Here Was What Had I To Do

“You know, in the townships some people refer to diabetes as the ‘die-bit-by-bit’ disease; they believe that there is no hope when you’re diagnosed with diabetes.
However, that’s simply not true anymore. A lot has changed. Diabetes has become a manageable chronic disease – by following a healthy lifestyle and undergoing Ultra diabetic care program, you can live a good life by the grace of God”

“My Sister is a retired Nutritionist; she taught us healthy eating habits from early on – lots of fruit, veggies and brown rice. So, when I was diagnosed with diabetes, I didn’t have to change my eating plan too much – I just needed to learn to curb my weaknesses for chocolate and cake.” I learnt a whole lot from this E-book Titled “ULTRA DIABETES PRESCRIPTION”. I was given the E-book for free after I started the Ultra Diabetes Care Program.

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