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See Who Amber Rose is supporting in the Taylor Swift and Kanye West’s “Famous” Feud

Have you thought of who Amber Rose is siding in the Taylor Swift and Kanye West’s “Famous” Feud? Well if you ask me, I will tell you to read on…
She’s siding with Kanye, Amber explains, but begrudgingly. You see, she was there when this whole messy feud started, back at the 2009 VMAs when Kanye jumped onstage and stole T-Swift’s thunder.

And apparently the Swift family made their displeasure known right afterward: “I remember Taylor’s mother and father coming up to us and saying, ‘One day, Kanye, you’ll have a daughter and somebody is going to do that to you,'” Amber says, adding that Kanye was “so remorseful.” (Also, he didn’t even know who Taylor was, she adds, which is so shady it’s like an eclipse TBH.)

In the ensuing fallout, Lady Gaga canceled the joint tour she and Kanye had planned, Amber alleges, and it “was a very hard time” all around. “He really went through a lot of bullshit,” she continued, “and I know that Kanye would never ever go through that again by not calling Taylor and say, ‘Heads up, I’m about to go write this verse real quick. Just wanted to make sure you’re cool with it.’ I know that about Kanye.” And while it’s no longer in dispute that Kanye did call, it seems like Amber is saying he would have gone through all of the lyrics with Taylor — even the “that bitch” line which is apparently proving to be such a bone of contention.

“I say all of that to say, why didn’t I get a phone call for using a naked wax figure in your video, Kanye?” Amber then asks, because these are the important questions. “I mean, Taylor gets a call but I don’t get a call.” In conclusion, “please stay the fuck out of the news,” she notes, “so I don’t need to talk about your ass anymore.” No to that, but yes (So. Much. Yes.) to everything else, basically.
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