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I Had Already Forgiven Dino For Even With The Way I Was Treated – Senator Tinubu

Senators Oluremi Tinubu and Dino Melaye

Yes if you ask me, I will say Naija politics is so amusing to the extent people are taking it to be irrelevent. Well, that my opinion.
It is still the story of  Senator Oluremi Tinubu and Senator Dino Melaye. She says been a Christian she has forgiven Dino following the row they had during the senate plenary last Tuesday. Tinubu said this when members of the Lagos State House of Assembly from Lagos Central and members of the All Progressives Congress caucus paid her a solidarity visit at the National Assembly Complex, Abuja yesterday July 20th. Below is her exact words;

“I met with the Senate President Bukola Saraki on Tuesday after one week and as a Christian, I said I had already forgiven Dino for even with the way I was treated. But the point is that what people don’t realise is that I am a very reserved person. After I gave my word to him (Saraki) yesterday, I told myself that at 55 I am not a wimp of anybody. I witnessed the Sani Abacha regime and I know what I saw and why I am committed to this cause.
But now, my hands are tied to say I forgive people. I am a Christian; when I give my word, I must abide by it. But I am not scared to follow this through. I am not championing a cause for women. I am only standing in my space and if my space is encroached upon, I have to fight back. Rosa Parks wasn’t an activist; she just decided to sit in her space and not give up her space anybody in a bus. And that sent a message. I want to use this opportunity to thank all the Nigerian women who rose up; the women rights groups who are calling, conducting press conferences and doing a lot of things.”‎she said. Well, nobody should abuse a woman also a woman should equally respect ‘the man’. 

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