Heartbroken! Teen Vandals broke into Gowanbank Primary School, Destroyed Properties Worth £10,000


According to Mirror, teen yobs were on rampage and smashed school property worth £10,000
Staff and pupils at a primary school have been left heartbroken after mindless yobs damaged school properties by smashing up every room.

The teen vandals left no room untouched during their rampage and left it looking like it had been “hit by a bomb”.

Smart boards were pulled down from the walls and obscene illustrations were drawn on white boards – including one in an infant class – as the thugs trashed every room in the school.

Every computer monitor was either smashed or scratched beyond use and the heartless thieves only stopped their frenzy to steal some of the pupils’ jelly and ice cream.

All crockery throughout the school was smashed while fire extinguishers were set off in the corridors. Two microwaves in the staffroom were also smashed after being used to make popcorn. Continue

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