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Facebook activates safety check after ’60 killed by truck in Nice’

The news of the social media safety a welcome development for user? check out! Facebook has activated a safety check after at least 30 people were killed when a truck reportedly drove into a crowd of people celebrating Bastille Day in Nice.

The tool lets Facebook users who are in the vicinity of the incident let their friends know they are safe. It also acts as a way for others to check that friends and family are alright.

It will automatically send users in an affected area a message to ask them if they’re safe. The message appears at the top of their news feed and – once clicked – will notify all their Facebook friends.

Shocking footage from Nice shows bodies lying in the street after the incident earlier this evening.
Anti-terror police are on the streets as crowds fled the scene of the crash, in a country still tense after a string of devastating attacks.
Regional newspaper Nice Matin quoted its own reporter at the scene saying there were many injured people and blood on the street. Continue reading in style
Source: Mirror

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