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Don’t think about S*x it is sweet but dangerous

Yes, Se* is the most sweetest of all but most time it often abused by everyone who’s aim its fun. But in my own opinion it is pleasurable and sacred and meant for partners having consent to it.
If you are married you know what I mean. It is the most treasurable moment for both partners when it is not abuse.

To singles, it is unfair having it. You may ask why? But the truth is that it is meant for man and woman, matured mind (Husband and wife). Yes, husband and wife. Having it with the wrong person is like when someone is taking what is not his or her. Doing such act, your mind will always frightened because you know that it is not right.

When couple do it, they relax without tense and anxious of what comes up next while the wrong act sometimes result to pregnancy, or infecting or receiving STD’s and other diseases wwhich may risk your life. Think about it!
I Just wannna makeSENSE notjustSEX!

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