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Destroy The Monster – Daily Manna Devotional written by Pastor W.F Kumuyi

Destroy The Monster 
Welcome to the spirit-lifting Daily Manna Devotional written by Pastor W.F Kumuyi
Today Monday July 25, 2016
Text: 1 Chronicles 8:1-13

Key Verse:
“Beriah also, and Shema, who were heads of the fathers of the inhabitants of Aijalon, who drove away the inhabitants of Gath” (1 Chronicles 8:13).

When error is allowed to fester for a long time, it soon puts on the garb of truth. There is not much to mention about the generations of Benjamin in our text. The passage contained mere catalogue of names with some who were designated as heads of families and communities until the thirteenth verse where Beriah and Shema, who were of the inhabitants of Aijalon drove away the stubborn inhabitants of Gath – a Philistine town that produced the evil Goliath who threatened Israel for forty days (morning and evening) until David killed him.

As young converts and Christian pilgrims, how you make progress in your new found faith depends, to large extent, on how completely or incompletely you deal with the root of besetting sins in your life. Keeping an old acquaintance, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, or any other sin partner or plagued by unequal yoke can prove to be your greatest undoing. Jesus said you cannot serve two masters; you either love the one or hate the other. Make up your mind this day to root out the giants and the remnant of the inhabitants of Gath completely out of your life to discover a new realm of victory.

The cohabitation of the life in Christ with besetting sins will only end-up in one destination – the pit of hell. A double-minded man can never please the Lord.

Thought for the day: 
You either destroy evil completely or it destroys you.

Bible Reading in one Year: 2 Chronicles 26-29

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