31 years old mother Mourned Her stillborn Daughter for 5 years


It is heartbroken and not an experience to be remembered. All the same life goes on no matter what the story is. A heartbroken mother Stacey Lamb, who mourned her stillborn baby son for five years, only to be told by doctors the child was actually a girl.

Stacey Lamb put up a headstone for son Daniel and got his name tattooed on her arm after her child died in the womb at 20 weeks.

The 31-year-old Stacey Lamb says, in a shocking blunder, a nurse told her at the delivery in 2011 that she had given birth to a stillborn son.


But then this week, she asked to see her medical records and learned that her child was a daughter, reports the Daily Record. Amazing fact you hear from the doctors and nurses sometimes.

Stacey was already coping with the anguish of knowing that crematorium staff scattered her baby’s ashes without her permission after the funeral. More on Mirror

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