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10 Things Men do forget during Bedtime (+18)

This article is for partners/couple and can help build good relationship/marriage
one on earth is quite as pleased as a man who has just pleased a woman
between the sheets. We love the care and attention you’ve paid to us for
our own benefit, but we also love watching you bask in
self-satisfaction. But as satisfied as you might be with yourself,
sometimes we’re not quite as satisfied as you’d hoped: something
relatively minor, but highly distracting, was a bit “off.”

be offended, darlings, but a few nips and tucks in your bedroom style
might speed things along (in a good way)—leaving us more time for
another go at it!

1. The cli**ris is right there. Yes,
right there. Not over here, not down there, not off to the side. It
doesn’t move. Try to stay focused and play with the clit!

2. Take your socks off. Not a single thing is sexy about a man who is naked except for his socks.

Lubricant, lubricant, lubricant. We may feel “so wet” to you from our
own fluids, but we actually need to be pretty drenched with water-based
lube for business time.
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