18th May 2021 ODM Daily Manna Devotional – Blood Of Recovered COVID-19 Patients: Be Relevant

ODM Daily 18th May 2021 Manna Devotional - Blood Of Recovered COVID-19 Patients: Be Relevant

18th May 2021 ODM Daily Manna Devotional – Blood Of Recovered COVID-19 Patients: Be Relevant

Read Our Daily Manna Devotional ODM Monday 18 May 2021 written by Dr Chris Kwakpovwe



Today’s Message: Blood recovered from patients who have recovered from Covid-19 is called CONVALESCENT PLASMA (CP). Scientists all over the world have hoped that it can become a potential treatment for patients infected with the Corona Virus. The science behind this is that convalescent plasma will deliver antibodies from Covid-19 patients to newly infected people thereby helping them to recover from the ailment.

It is an old principle in the field of Immunology in which antibodies are harvested from patients who have been exposed to and recovered from an illness and infused into newly infected patients. This was before THE VACCINES WERE APPROVED! Donald Trump, the ex-President of the United States, touted the idea of convalescent plasma in August 2020 as a “historic breakthrough” in the search for a cure for Covid-19. This prompted the United States and India to authorize convalescent plasma for emergency use.

Other countries including Britain, also bought this idea and have been collecting donated plasma for possible usage if found effective. However, the disappointment of the CP hope was that all the accolades did not translate into a reduction of deaths or progression to severe disease after 28 days of observation. Ian Jones, a professor of Virology at Reading University, said this about the outcome of the research: “The poor performance of convalescent plasma in the trial is disappointing but not entirely surprising” Since Convalescent Plasma (CP) is of little benefit in helping patients fight off the infection, it may become irrelevant in the long run in the management of Covid-19.

Wow! Indeed relevance is a function of what you have to offer. Miguel put it this way:“You’re only relevant if you’re beneficial.” Hence Marc Benioff quipped: “Staying relevant is key.” Once you have nothing to offer society and humanity, you become irrelevant and can be described as a “LIVING DEAD.” Today’s scripture talks vividly about two young men- Timotheus and Epaphroditus- that were truly relevant/ useful in the ministry of the great Apostle Paul.

The Apostle described Timotheus as a son that had served with him in the gospel (Verse 22), and Epaphroditus as his brother, companion in labour, fellow soldier, a messenger to the Philippians and one that ministered to his wants (Verse 25). Service, giving, offering a helping hand, looking out for the needs of others will turn you to be someone that others look up to for help. Do not just sit down and be an onlooker. Do something today in your larger family, church, community, neighborhood or wherever you find yourself, to become relevant. Be relevant.

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Prayer Points!
1. Take any song of worship as led.
2. Oh Lord, open my eyes to see where I can be relevant. Let me use my talents well.
3. Oh Lord, make me an instrument of service in Your hand.
4. I shall never be described as a “LIVING DEAD”! Oh Lord, give me the grace to become even more relevant.
5. Give God thanks and pray pages 7-9 prayers now!

Thank you for reading Today’s ODM Daily 18th May 2021 Manna Devotional. God bless you!

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