11th April 2021 ODM Devotional – Deliverance From Satanic Landlords And Houses 3

ODM 11th April 2021 Devotional for Champions by Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe

ODM 11th April 2021 Devotional for Champions by Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe

You are reading Today’s Our Daily Manna Sunday 11 April 2021 ODM for Champions, written by Bishop Dr Chris Kwakpovwe.



Our Daily Manna 11th April 2021 ODM Devotional For Champions
Welcome to this hour of power with the Trinity and welcome to a continuation of the battle of this man on holiday in his brother’s house! Indeed, this is a wicked world! The man continued praying and on the third night of his prayer vigil, he discovered to his amazement that the satanic landlord was not only manipulating the lives and glory of the tenants spiritually, but the tenants in the building had been reduced to spiritual captives. How?

ODM Devotional For Champions 11 April 2021
After his prayers on the third night, God showed him the gate of the building and it was under lock and key, with the landlord standing guard to ensure that nobody left the building. God also showed him a white car that came to the front of the building for a tenant in the building but after waiting a while, the car went away because it couldn’t get into the building to the tenant it was meant for. Neither was the tenant it was meant for able to come out to receive i, because the gate of the building was padlocked. Beloved, what we call tenancy in some buildings has actually been turned into captivity.

And the most unfortunate thing about it is that even the blessings that were meant for the tenants in such buildings cannot and will not reach them until they move out of them. This reminds me of the words of Nadine Gordimer: “A caged eagle becomes a metaphor for all forms of isolations; the ultimate imprisonment. A zoo is prison. Ah! Today’s Basic scripture in Vs. 24 is a bombshell: “Shall the prey be taken from the mighty or the lawful captive delivered?

Our Daily Manna 11 April 2021 ODM Devotional For Champions

But thus saith the Lord, “Even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away, and the prey of the terrible shall be delivered: for I will contend with him that contendeth with thee, and I will save thy children.” Wow! God will CONTEND with any power that contends with you! So fear not! Any unfriendly friend or landlord that has vowed that you and your family will not dance your dance, shall FALL FOR YOUR SAKE!

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* In your own words, pray about today’s word as you are led now.
* LORD, ARISE AND CONTEND with my contenders! I MUST POSSESS MY POSSESSIONS in Jesus name! Any power or satanic landlord that has swallowed up any good thing in my life in any compound I have lived in, vomit everything you swallowed and die, in Jesus name.

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