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We sample peoples' opinion how the think, react and say it. All issues that matter. We make sure people's voice are heard. If you want to be heard or read what people are saying, then Chidispalace is the right place to be. All opinion are not altered or baisedly published but we blog based on principles and ethics. All Opinion on the go in Chidispalace is accurate either indirectly or directly from source. We provide information that you need to suit your desires and  make you come back searching for more News on our site. Here we cover news from Nigeria to United Kingdom and United States. Others are Canada, Colombia, New Zealand, India, China, Egypt, South Africa, Ghana, Brazil, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Niger, Republic of Congo and Other European, African, and Asia So, tell us what you think about the society, government, social and religion events and we will get it running on our site.