Daily Devotional

This is Our Daily DevotionalIf you want to communicate with God Almighty, your Creator of Heaven. All you need is the Daily Devotional. We provide you with all the Devotional series of great authors in  their Ministerial calls. Our Daily Devotional brings you closer to God everyday of your life as you spend time communication with Him with your Bible, reading many passage in line with the author's description for better understanding At chidispalace.com we publish Today's Devotional such as Billy Graham Devotional, Open Heavens Devotional, DCLM Daily Manna Devotional, Joyce Meyer's Devotional, Seeds of Destiny Devotional and Kenneth Copeland Devotional known as Faith To Faith. All these Daily Devotional will keep you abreast with what God is saying to you and make you understand His way better. More so, our Devotional cut across Nigeria to United Kingdom and United States. Others are Canada, Colombia, New Zealand, India, China, Egypt, South Africa, Ghana, Brazil, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Niger, Republic of Congo and Other European, African, and Asia