Many Gather To Remember Four Day Old Baby & Two Year Old...

Many Gather To Remember Four Day Old Baby & Two Year Old Sister Stabbed To Death By Their Father


Dozens of people gathered around a grieving mother to remember her two young daughters who were stabbed to death allegedly by their father in North Carolina last week. Balloons were released at the Old Armory Ball Park on Saturday for Candice Freeman’s two daughters, four-day-old Genesis Freeman and two-year-old Serenity Freeman.

‘He drove (his car) about 200 yards into the wood line, where he repeatedly stabbed those two little girls to death,’ the sheriff said.  The children had been stabbed multiple times with what appears to be a hunting or survivalist-type knife, he added.

The girls’ father, Tillman Freeman, 30, was arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree murder related to their deaths

The girls’ bodies were found March 25 inside an abandoned car on the side of the road.

During the vigil, Peterkin addressed the crowd saying the horrific crime had hit him especially hard.

Last week, the girls’ mother Candice asked people to pray for her.

‘I just know that I miss my babies and I need y’all to pray for me please,’ Candice emotionally said during a prayer vigil on March 26.


She said that she felt betrayed by her husband and that she never thought he was capable of killing their daughters.

‘He was supposed to have loved me,’ she said. ‘He was supposed to have loved our kids. I trusted this man for four years.

‘I feel an emptiness in my heart. Like more than half of my heart is gone.’

She added: ‘I trusted this man. I thought I knew him. And it makes me angry.’

Candice explained that their relationship of four years was rocky and filled with abuse and drug abuse. But despite it all, she worked to keep her family together.

‘It felt like the more I prayed for him the worst he got,’ she said. ‘I will never love him again. I don’t ever want to see him again.