Read What President Buhari said when John Kerry Visited Him

Read What President Buhari said when John Kerry Visited Him


President Buhari has pledged that the anti-corruption crusade being led by his administration will be fair, just and will be according to the rule of law. He said this during his meeting with the US Secretary of State, John Kerry, at the State House, Abuja yesterday August 23rd. According to President Buhari, anyone perceived corrupt will be treated innocently until proven otherwise.

On the Boko Haram insurgency, President Buhari thanked the U.S for both hard and soft military help. “The training and intelligence that we could not muster ourselves, we received. The training has made Boko Haram less of a threat to Nigeria and the Lake Chad Basin region, while the military hardware has given our troops added confidence.”

President Buhari said though Militancy in the Niger Delta has impacted negatively on the economy and affected the positive intentions of international and local investors, government was showing restraint not to use real force, “except when constrained to do so.”

On the economy, the President assured that the focus of his administration is on the diversification of the economy having learnt our lessons from years of over dependence on oil.

In his remarks, Kerry commended the courage of President Buhari in fighting corruption. He said President Buhari inherited abig problem when he assumed office in 2015.
 “We applaud what you are doing. Corruption creates a ready-made playing field for recruiting extremists. You inherited a big problem, and we will support you in any way we can. We will work with you very closely. We don’t want to interfere, but will offer opportunities as you require.” he said

The American Secretary of State also pledged to assist in tackling the humanitarian challenges in the North-east, adding that his country would get the UK, France, and others “to augment the support.”
“Nigeria is priority for us. We won’t miss the opportunity to work together, because you are making significant progress,” Kerry said.